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Hack Facebook

Hack Facebook

Do you think it is possible to hack Facebook? Let me tell you the truth is, your Facebook account can be hacked, and here are the different ways to do it.

Hack Facebook Easy
Explanation to Hack Facebook from a cell phone
  1. Click on the three dots
  2. Copy link
  3. Go to
  4. Paste your victim's link in the box
  5. Finally, hit Hack.

Hack facebook
Explanation to Hack Facebook from a computer
  1. Enter your victim's Facebook from your browser, and copy the link
  2. Go to
  3. Choose the social network Facebook
  4. Paste your victim's link in the box
  5. Finally, hit Hack.
Hack Facebook right now

Now put into practice and start immediately following the instructions to Hack Facebook, through our hacking system

Hack Facebook with xploits

Although the methods outlined above are highly effective, Facebook attackers also use other techniques to hack into this social network. Let's see some of them below.

Hack Facebook for Free

Hack Facebook with xploits

In the specific case of Facebook, it is not so difficult to imagine how a system of this type can bear many fruits if it is exploited with very unwise users. We recommend this exploit page.

Hack Facebook with

To hack Facebook with xploits you must:

1️⃣ Go to

2️⃣ So that you do not lose your victims, save the Identifier that the website generates for you.

3️⃣ Choose a blogger from those available

4️⃣ In this step, social engineering is applied, since you will make your victim believe that he will see some content only to obtain his data

5️⃣ The expiration date is until the day the blogger you created will stop working

6️⃣ Finally create your xploits, we recommend that you first test it before sending it

7️⃣ Send your victim through Facebook or WhatsApp, apply social engineering to make him fall easily.

Applying the method of exploits with social engineering will help your victim to fall more easily, only if the victim knows this method it will not work for you and it will make you look bad because they will know what you were trying to do. .

Social engineering can also be used as a way to execute other types of methods, such as Keyloggers or other spyware on the victim's device, useful to obtain confidential information even from a distance.

Another very popular system to hack Facebook is Phishing. We often hear about it, however, in case you don't know, this is a process that is usually implemented through fake emails sent, posing as public bodies, Internet providers, social networks, etc.

By explaining some of the most relevant methods that hackers use to violate accounts, you can give yourself an idea not only of how they do it, but also of how to defend yourself, since if you know what the trap is, it is less likely to fall for it.

How to defend yourself from attackers who hack Facebook?

We will teach you some important points that you must reinforce to defend yourself from attackers. And keep your accounts safe

Change your password

The password is the access key that you have to enter your social network, therefore, we advise you to modify it periodically so that in case you have fallen into some type of trap previously and there is someone who has access to your user without you know, you can delete it and thus protect your account.

How to hack facebook

Enable two-step authentication

Two-step authentication is a defense method provided by the Facebook platform to protect you against hacking attempts.

Through it, each time the session attempt is identified from a web browser other than yours, Facebook will generate an alarm, sending you a code Via SMS to your registered number to verify that it is really you.

Avoid public Wi-Fi networks

Public Wi-Fi networks can be exploited by malicious people to access the private data of the users who use them. So if possible, don't use them! And if it is extremely necessary to connect to one of them, protect yourself with a VPN service that will mislead the hacker and prevent him from stealing your personal data.

Tools and tactics to hack Facebook

To hack Facebook, attackers generally first try to get their hands on their victims' devices, either physically or virtually, and thus find out the account's login details, using programs that can browse Applications, browsers and / or keyloggers.

Hack a facebook step by step

Hack with Keylogger

Another tool that you can use to test hack Facebook accounts is a Keylogger. Once installed on the computer, it is capable of capturing everything that is typed on the keyboard, including access information to Facebook.

The program in question is very powerful and efficient, since it records all the words typed on the device's keyboard and stores the list of programs used by the user, taking screenshots of the computer screen at regular intervals. It is available not only for Windows operating systems but also for Mac and Android.

To use this program you just have to:

  1. Go to the software's website and click the Download button twice in a row.
  2. Once the download is complete, you will have to obtain the .exe file obtained, click on Run, Yes and OK, in order to install it and finish.

Once installed on the target device, then, you can start monitoring your victim, all this information that is generated is through the click of the keyboard, thus capturing the Facebook username and password if your victim entered it.

Passwords saved in the browser

As we have mentioned above, malicious attackers can hack Facebook by tracking the victim's login details through information stored in the web browser's databases.

If you want to test this on your profile, you can use passwords saved in google, as it discovers the passwords of social networks stored in Chrome.

You just enter the link And that's it! You can now find the saved passwords in the browser on all the social networks that saved their passwords.

Is it worth hacking Facebook?

Facebook is one of the most widely used social networks today, which is why it is also one of the most violated by criminals in the virtual world, who take advantage of all the data and files that are shared on this platform.

Therefore, we want to recommend that you use the information provided in this post only in cases that really merit it, for example, to recover a blocked personal Facebook account or to learn what situations to be alert to avoid hacks.


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