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Hack LinkedIn

Hack LinkedIn

Steps to Hack a LinkedIn

Hack LinkedIn Online
How to Hack LinkedIn from a mobile
  1. Click on share so you can copy the LinkedIn link
  2. Go to
  3. Paste your victim's username in the box
  4. Finally, hit Hack.

Steps to Hack LinkedIn
How to hack LinkedIn from a computer
  1. Enter your victim's LinkedIn from your browser, and copy the link
  2. Go to
  3. Choose the LinkedIn social network
  4. Paste the link of your victim or the user, in the box
  5. Finally, hit Hack.

If you have come this far, it is because you are interested in Hacking a LinkedIn profile, well we can assure you that there are several hacking techniques that cybercriminals adopt to "breach" the profiles of other users and access their confidential information.

Today we'll point you to some of the techniques most commonly used by hackers to breach someone else's LinkedIn profile.

How to hack LinkedIn

Other techniques, however, allow cybercriminals to capture everything a user types on the computer keyboard and use that information to capture passwords, access codes and other sensitive information.

Hack LinkedIn with spy apps from Smartphone

Spy apps can be installed on smartphones and tablets which, as the name suggests, track user activity, e.g. texts typed on the keyboard, apps used, list of incoming and outgoing calls, etc. and send this information to crackers who act undisturbed in total anonymity.

Even applications originally designed for legitimate purposes, such as anti-theft or parental control apps, e.g. Qustodio, can be used to track the user and spy on their activities.

Hacking LinkedIn with Social Engineering

Another hacking technique that is being talked about a lot lately, and which you should pay close attention to, is what is known as social engineering.

When a system is secure enough to have no security holes, the only way to attack a user is to perpetrate such an attack. But what exactly does it consist of? Social engineering can involve multiple activities and behaviors.

hack a linkedin for definitive way

Normally, those who resort to this particular hacking technique, use stratagems with the aim of getting hold of the victim's Smartphone, perhaps with an excuse like, my phone has run out of battery and I have to make an urgent call, could you lend me yours? So that once they have it in their hands they can collect confidential information from the device.

So, if someone asks to borrow your computer or Smartphone, do not do it, under any circumstances, especially if it is a stranger.

Hacking LinkedIn with Phishing

Phishing is another particularly widespread and, unfortunately, also very effective hacking technique. What does it consist of? Phishing is usually carried out by sending fake e-mails from banks, public institutions, Internet service providers, etc., containing links to websites that, at least in appearance, appear to be authentic and correspond to the institutions they claim to represent.

The websites in question then invite users to enter their login credentials, and in this way crackers can easily obtain the username and password for a given account or service.

  • It is quite easy to fall into this kind of traps, but it is just as easy to defend yourself, just ignore the fake emails sent to you and do not click on the links they contain.

Hack LinkedIn with Keyloggers

Among the tools most commonly used by hackers, or rather by crackers, are Keyloggers, which are programs that, once installed on a user's computer or Smartphone, spy on the user's activities and, in this case, everything he types on his device's keyboard.

As you can well guess, this is a very dangerous weapon, as everything is typed on the keyboard of a computer or smartphone, from social account passwords, to login credentials for home banking services, to online searches and, of course, to messages and comments typed on LinkedIn.

  • The most sophisticated keyloggers not only record everything the user types on the keyboard, but also send this information to the crackers, who can act undisturbed from a distance.

Once the Keylogger has monitored the victim's activity, the cracker can approach the victim's computer and take the information recorded by the software in question, copying it onto a USB stick or external hard drive.

Hacking LinkedIn with passwords stored in the browser

Another hacking technique successfully used by attackers to gain unauthorized access to other people's LinkedIn profiles is through passwords stored in the database of the browsers used by users to access their accounts.

The most popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc., offer the possibility to save your login credentials, so you don't have to type them manually every time you want to access one of your accounts.

  • As convenient as this solution may seem, it is downright dangerous because, if an attacker had access to this type of information, he could immediately enter your profile.

How to protect a LinkedIn profile?

After reviewing the main hacking techniques used to breach social networks such as LinkedIn, you're probably wondering how you can protect your profile.

hack an linkedin easily

In this case, all you have to do is to increase the security level of your account. How? Here's how to do it:

Use a secure password

Using a strong password is the first step you should take to secure your LinkedIn account. First of all, use long passwords that consist of at least 15 characters and are made up of numbers, letters and symbols. Doing so will put a spoke in the wheel of those who want to pick up your Instagram password.

Change the password regularly

As no password is 100% secure, we recommend changing it regularly, at least once a month. This way, the chances of your LinkedIn password being intercepted will be almost nil.

Use unique passwords for each social network

It is also very important to use different passwords for each account. This way, even if someone is unfortunate enough to take one of your passwords, the rest of the accounts you have will not be at risk.


There are many ways that cybercriminals use to breach the social network accounts of many people, not being the exception for the LinkedIn platform, so we recommend you to be informed about all these methods so you can stay alert and never fall into the traps.

How to hack LinkedIn guaranteed

However, if you have resorted to this information to learn how to hack into someone else's account, we would like to remind you that hacking into an account that is not yours is a serious crime, so we advise you to use all the research provided above with the utmost responsibility.


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