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Spy on a Cell Phone Easy
Explanation to spy on a cell phone from a cell phone
  1. Go to
  2. Enter the cell phone number on the web
  3. Finally, hit Spy.
Spy on a Cell Phone
Explanation to Spy on a Cell Phone from a Computer
  1. Go to
  2. Enter the cell phone number on the web
  3. Finally, hit Spy.

Do you want to know how to track a cell phone? Whether it has been stolen or lost, or you need to know where your partner or children are, there are many possibilities to track a mobile device without being discovered.

Track secure cell phone

It is not complicated, here we are going to explain step by step the different methods of locating a cell phone, all of them guaranteeing your anonymity and without you having to have special knowledge or skills to do so.

If you are looking for the best way to track a mobile device, keep reading this post and discover how to get it.

How to Track an Android Cellphone?

Android devices also have direct internal mechanisms to track a phone in case it is lost or stolen. Just follow these steps:

  1. To start you must activate the location of the mobile device.
  2. Then head to the settings and follow the sections: General > Google > Security.
  3. When you are there you only need to choose the option Locate this device remotely, also in Prioritize block and delete.
Locate an android cell phone

After this, you only have to connect to the Phone's Device Manager to be able to manage it together with its applications from one place. This means that you can not only track an Android, but also erase personal data or block it remotely in case of loss or theft.

Another way is entering the Google application, from your Gmail account. There you can see in real time where the device is.

If you wonder how this is possible, the answer is very simple, Google has these types of functions regardless of the deposit. The browser is responsible for constantly collecting data from locations where the device has been, which it can display chronologically.

How to Track an iPhone?

It is possible to locate an iPhone remotely. Accounts with several options, through the search history in Google or through iCloud, we leave you the steps so that you know how to use both methods.

Locate iPhone with iCloud

  1. Go to the settings of the mobile in question.
  2. Then you should go to the following sections: General > Passwords and Accounts > iCloud > Locate.
  3. Once you are in the Locate section, you have the possibility to activate the location of the mobile by clicking on Find my iPhone or requesting that the last registered location of the device be automatically sent.
  4. When you have finished activating the mobile location you can track the mobile just by logging into the iCloud session on the official website.
Track iPhone Cell Phone

Track iPhone with search history

You may never have heard of this method as it is not used frequently, however its low popularity does not detract from its usefulness and efficiency.

  1. The first thing you should do is activate the Reports Apple Location function, as well as the location history.
  2. Once you have these two functions ready, you will notice that the status of the phone changes, and you can easily access the last location where internet connectivity was registered from it.

What are the reasons for tracking a cell phone?

The truth is that respecting the privacy of others is important, but there are some particular cases where the use of this type of method is necessary.

Some reasons that can lead a person to seek to track a mobile regardless of the consequences are:

  • You have lost and need to get it back.
  • You have been stolen and you must block it and delete stored personal information.
  • To keep you aware of where your children or family members are who cannot remain unsupervised.
  • You want to find out if your partner is unfaithful to you.

These are just some examples, which can be considered as understandable, however, there are some people with bad intentions who can get access to your information through these methods. Make sure to keep your mobile phone safe!

Cell phone tracking programs

spy software are programs or applications that have been exclusively designed to spy on mobile devices in a discreet way, maintaining anonymity and above all without the owner of the mobile device in question has suspicions of being spied on.

One of the main characteristics of these programs is that once they are installed on the device, they hide, becoming completely undetectable, since they do not have an icon like other applications.

Method to track cell phone

How do they work?

They work in the background, this means that they do not interrupt the general operation of the cell phone despite saving all the information that is stored in it.

These softwares are launched from the moment they are installed on the device, and after this you will not need to have more contact with the device in question to get the information you are looking for.

From where you are, you will be able to know what is happening on the other person's smartphone, when they use it, if they are accessing their social networks and even where it is located according to the mobile's GPS.

It has a quite complex algorithm in operation. Some of the operations that these programs use are:

  • Viewing photos and videos saved in the gallery.
  • Read messages, whether they are SMS, WhatsApp or e-mails.
  • View, record and intercept phone calls.
  • Enter social networks, with access to messages, multimedia files and deleted content that is still in the trash.
  • Real-time location of the device through GPS.
  • Control the mobile remotely.
  • Alerts by keywords used.
  • Control internet use.

If the options that we have mentioned above have not convinced you, or you need more complete programs to get privileged information from a device that does not belong to you, you can use an application.

These apps, as we have mentioned before, are safe, efficient and practically impossible to detect by the true owner. Here are some options that are very popular:

It is considered as the best spy and tracking app for Android and iOS devices. It has a series of impressive features and offers you multiple tools to get all kinds of information that interests you.

Among its most attractive elements is a responsive and very complete monitoring software. It is quite simple to use, and if you need it, it helps you during the installation process, after which you can automatically access all the information accumulated on the mobile device.

If you need to keep an eye on your children without their knowing it, this is one of the best solutions you will get. It was specially designed for parents who want to keep an eye on their children and make sure they are not doing anything wrong.

You have different purchase options and it allows you to track mobile applications, calls, SMS, you can track location in real time or activate the mobile microphone to capture conversations that are taking place near it.

It is an easy-to-use software with advanced tools that allow you to monitor any mobile device. It has a wide variety of functions, some typical of this type of program and others quite innovative.

If the Smartphone you are going to track is Android, this is your best option. You will get an efficient, fast tracking experience, in complete anonymity and without the need to put too much effort.

You will be able to access all the social networks installed on the cell phone where you have installed it, all the messaging services, calls, GPS location and much more.

No matter what your case is, if you want to use these methods the options are varied and very effective, you only need to choose one that suits your needs, taking the necessary precautions, remember that there are some countries where this type of action is illegal We wish you good luck in your tracking!

Learn to track a cell phone online, easy and fast

It is true that many methods to track mobile phones online do not work or end up being fraud, but not all of them result in a bad experience. There are some that you can trust without fear of putting your personal information at risk.

It is important that you be cautious and only use trusted programs. Another valid option is that you make use of the default functions offered by mobile devices, they are easy to find since they usually have names similar to Find my device or similar.

Track cell method

The requirements to have this type of functions activated may vary depending on the cell phone model or operating system, but most usually request the following:

  • Enter the official website of the operating system.
  • Sign in to the account.
  • Pair the mobile device in question.
  • If you already have the location option activated you will see the exact location of the mobile on the screen.
  • You may be offered to perform certain actions other than tracking remotely, you can accept them or not depending on what you want.

It is something very simple, fast and easy to do. It will not take more than 5 minutes to do it and it can be especially useful if your belongings have been stolen or you have lost your cell phone and you want to find it.


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